Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party :: Beat Summer Boredom – Activities for Teens

We all fight the summer boredom at one point or the other with our kids – especially the older they get.

Hello? There is always plenty to do around the house, right? But sometimes tweens and teens aren’t really interested in re-organizing a pantry or weeding flower beds. Imagine that.

I have found some fun Pinterest boards with projects to keep teens busy – providing an outlet for them to express their creativity in a healthy manner.

Activities for Teens and Tweens ::

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I love the idea of a DIY phone case with Sharpie Markers and the blinged out keys on this board. (hello, glitter!) ::

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Fun ideas for a Tween Girl and Mom Date Night ::

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I’m excited to partner with my dear friends Jamerill, Toni, Tricia, and Stacie to bring you the ULTIMATE Homeschool Pinning Party!

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Homeschool Room Organization

The last major room to unpack since our move was (what we refer to as) the playroom.

Homeschool Room

This room has been housing a TV for Netflix and Xbox (Mindcraft) and a great space to play Just Dance .

For months, when I would think about this room, I would freeze.

I knew this project was going to be no small feat, and since I didn’t have a clear vision for my end goal, my brain would go into overload and I would just shut down.

It completely overwhelmed me.

For a while it was clutter free, as all of the “stuff” was neatly organized shoved in the garage. And then one day, I took the first step to finishing this room.

Homeschool Room Organization  Homeschool Room Organization

I brought anything and everything that was a possibility for this space into it.

Books. Craft supplies. Manipulatives. Extra office supplies. More books. And boxes that, at the time, I had no idea what they contained.

Homeschool Room Organization

Homeschool Room Organization

What I knew I wanted from this space ::

  • Create a comfortable space where tweens/teens can hangout, watch movies, play Xbox or Wii.
  • Create an area for our homeschooling stuff – books, manipulatives, supplies, etc.
  • Organize art and craft supplies, making them easily accessible.

Since this was the last major area to unpack and organize in the house, I wanted to gather and sort everything into piles. Granted, looking at all of it in one area made my heart race and made me want to vomit – but I also knew in the back of my mind that once I was done with this project, I was “done” -

Kind of.

I also knew for this project, I wanted to spend as little money as possible. If not zero.

I knew the latter was most likely not a possibility, because we needed bookcases. In this move, we lost a lot of beloved built-in bookcases – and even with purging books, I knew bookcases were going to be a necessity. But I wanted to complete this project as frugally as possible.

My first choice would have been another Expedite bookcase from Ikea. But those have been discontinued. My second choice was the Billy bookcases from Ikea. I had about 110″ to work with on a particular wall, leaving enough room to clear the light plate and the window treatment – and three of the Billy bookcases would have fit perfectly.

Except, the closest Ikea to me is 2 hours away (but always proves well-worth the drive!), and three Billy bookcases were going to cost me $240 PLUS tax PLUS the gas to and fro.

So, I went on a local shopping mission.

I found and settled on these bookcases at Wal-Mart that were less than $28 each and almost the identical size of the Billy bookcases. At this point, I had saved $156 PLUS tax PLUS travel.

<happily accepting my  trophy>

My thought? Once the shelves are filled with books, there wouldn’t be too much left of them to see. I was right.

We measured (twice) and secured those bad boys to the wall, and they were good to go!

Homeschool Room Organization  Homeschool Room Organization

How we organized the chaos ::

  • We brought everything into one area. It was beyond overwhelming. But much needed.
  • We sorted each piece into piles – books, manipulatives, office supplies, composition books, binders, organizational tools (including drawers, buckets, baskets, trays, etc.), art and craft supplies, DVDs and CDs, and more. Have mercy did we have a mess!
  • We got a good overview of what all we were dealing with, as well as the space we had to work with in comparison to all of the “stuff”. The last thing I wanted to do was buy MORE STUFF to organize with. In contrary, I wanted to own LESS STUFF to organize.
  • I sketched a plan on a piece of paper of the major pieces of furniture and what each piece would hold.
  • We took one pile at a time. We touched every book. Every pen and pencil. Every envelope. Every marker. Every piece of paper. EveryTHING. We sorted. We purged. We threw things away. We looked at each other a few times and asked “Why exactly do we have this?” We added to the giveaway pile. We washed, rinsed. and repeated.

Homeschool Room Organization

If we had 2 (or 27) of something, the excess found its way to giveaway. If we hadn’t used it in the last year, it went to giveaway. If it was a questionable item that we had a “thought” about using, it went to giveaway.

Teen Space Homeschool Room Organization

Everything had to have a purpose and a place to stay in this room.

Our giveaway pile in the front hall started to grow. And the later in the day it became? The more we found ourselves adding to it.

We were all done with the overthinking and the “what ifs?” -

Homeschool Room

We wanted the chaos gone
. And how we were going to get there? We were going to clear the clutter once and for all.

928 hours later - or so it seemed - the room was finished. (as much as it could have been)

And we couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Homeschool Room

The bookshelves to the left house our books, sorted and labeled by categories/subjects. The TV remains for Netflix, Apple TV, and the beloved video games of teens. The Expedite bookcase on the right contains things such as our manipulatives, craft supplies, extra school supplies such as composition books, dividers, and notebook paper, my laminator, our microscope, and more. And Whitney was determined to make her blog debut. <grin>

Future plans and purchases to complete this room ::

  • Fill picture frames with pictures.
  • Purchase this sleeper sofa from Ikea.
  • Purchase this piece of furniture to eliminate the box in the corner by the window holding printer paper and cardstock, as well as the few items left in the plastic drawers at the other end of the cubbies.
  • Make adhesive wall art to label the 4 clocks, which will be set to different time zones.
  • Add a light kit to the ceiling fan.

The fact that we know what exactly is in that room and where makes me absolutely giddy. I am a creative-type of person. And I make messes as I create. But I have found over the years that in order for my brain to function and create well, I have to have order around me. Are any of y’all like that?

One of the best parts of doing this project together? Among all of the sorting and purging, the kids came across books they had “forgotten about” or manipulatives and art supplies that sparked an “idea” – I loved seeing their minds at work.

Tell me about your kid-friendly space. (or link me to it in the comments) I would love to add it to this Pinterest board.